Hieroneus Liberiatus

Brave, noble, wise, strong, sturdy, tall, fair


STR: 18/00 DEX: 16 CON: 18 INT: 12 WIS: 17 CHAR: 18

AC: -10 HP: 250

Equipment: The Holy Avenger: Carsomyr+5, Mithril Fullplate+5, Helm of Glory, Firetooth+3, Boots of Speed

Saving throws: Fire: 100, Cold: 50, Poison: 100, Electricity: 40


Born in Cormyr, the human lands in the centre of Faerun, Hieroneus Liberiatus has become somewhat of an icon of justice, duty and honor, and has inspired hundreds of aspiring adventurers to pick up the trade as Paladins. Hieroneus is a Paladin, and a very powerful one. The numbers of vanquished monsters and evil men has long since been forgotten after 20 years of service. Hieroneus worships the Greater God Tyr of Justice. The deity is central in the PaladinĀ“s life.

Hieroneus Liberiatus

Hieroneus Liberiatus

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